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Re: (Possible) Debian transition to .desktop files

On Tuesday 16 July 2002 07:33 pm, Chris Lawrence wrote:
> - A facility for only displaying a menu entry if a certain package is
> installed.  (Up a level from TryExec - maybe TryPackage?)

>From a SuSE point of view, I like that. But from a KDE point of view, how are 
we going to find out if a package is installed? That will differ from 
distribution to distribution.

> - Some sort of "user sophistication" indicator; for example, admin or
> technical tools could be hidden from some users' menus.  (For example:
> programmers might want to use bc and dc, but for newbies who are
> looking for a calculator, this is just confusing.)  VFolders kinda do
> this, but I'm leery.

Yes, KDE currently has its menu's split with a seperate "more 
advanced"/"harder to use" sub-section in each menu. It would be nice if we 
could agree on some sort of indication for that, on the other hand it will be 
pretty useless without some sort of guideline of how to label things. In our 
current KDE menu "bc" would have to be labeled "so advanced we don't even 
show it".

Maybe some gliding scale (e.g. 1 to 10) would be nice, then you can have some 
discretion in deciding where to draw the lines. Still, in order to be 
meaningfull there would need to be some guideline that describes how to rate.

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