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VFolder 1.5 category (and .desktop spec) comments

After reviewing the Debian menu system vis a vis VFolder, I have
identified a number of additional categories that probably need to be

- Database (with or without Office - pgaccess would be w/o Office, but
  something like OpenOffice's ODBC client would be with Office)
- Help

These additional ones would help replace hints being used in Debian:

- Browser (i.e. HTTP or multiple protocols)
- FTPClient
- GopherClient
- NewsReader (NNTPClient?)
- IRCClient

- XFCE (paralleling GNOME/KDE/QT...)

I'd also recommend the addition of a new attribute/key to the overall
spec called "Group"; if multiple (probably >=3) entries in the same
menu fall in the same Group, the menu optimizer could group them
together in a submenu, or put them together in the same part of the
menu (perhaps separated by -- lines).  (Obviously this would be an
optional behavior for menu managers.)  Note that this isn't the same
as Categories, as it's less functional and more "We have N components
of X, all of which we want to give direct menu access to."


GenericName=Web Browser

GenericName=IRC Client
Exec=mozilla --start-magic-to-get-chatzilla-to-show-up

GenericName=Mail and News Client
Exec=mozilla --start-magic-for-mailnews

Group would be a localestring.  It could be translated by Group[]
localestrings.  (It might be worthwhile to have just one .desktop file
provided by the core package for each application including the Group
translations, if needed.  For example, in Debian mozilla is shipped in
multiple parts, so the mozilla-browser package would have the
translations for the groups, which would be picked up if needed when
e.g. mozilla-xmlterm or mozilla-chatzilla was installed.)  Menu
systems would only compare the untranslated Group to decide whether
or not to group things.  [Comments on this idea are welcome.  I may
have overlooked something in the spec that implements this already.]

About the only remaining problem is the massive overloading of
Utilities (formerly "Tools") in Debian, but I haven't come up with a
good category list for it yet.  Some of that stuff will migrate
elsewhere once maintainers manually tweak the Categories of their
packages, but certainly not all of it.

Chris Lawrence <cnlawren olemiss edu> - http://www.lordsutch.com/chris/

Instructor and Ph.D. Candidate, Political Science, Univ. of Mississippi
208 Deupree Hall - 662-915-5765

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