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Re: VFolder 1.5 category (and .desktop spec) comments

On Wednesday 24 July 2002 22:29, George wrote:
> > These additional ones would help replace hints being used in Debian:
> >
> > - Browser (i.e. HTTP or multiple protocols)

I'd suggest to call this category "WebBrowser" (or "WWWBrowser" or
"HypertextBrowser", whatever) because "Browser" is too generic,
similar to using "TextEditor" instead of "Editor" (network (topology)
browsers are browsers as well)

I'm not sure you added music software categories after your 1.5 post,
things like a musical notation editor (score editor), midi/audio sequencer,
etc. ? People who use this kind of stuff could probably come up with
better categories:
(Application;Music) MusicalNotationEditor
(Audio) MIDI
(Application;Audio;[Music]) AudioSequencer

(Application;Graphics;3dGraphics) 3dModeling (or 3dModeler)
(Application;Graphics;3dGraphics) 3dAnimation
(Application;Graphics;3dGraphics) 3dRendering (or 3dRenderer)
(Application;Graphics;3dGraphics;3dRendering) Raytracing
(Application;Graphics;3dGraphics;3dRendering) Radiosity

What about the field of "Bioinformatics", "Chemistry" doesn't
quit fit, I think. Some very rough ideas:

(Application;Science) Bioinformatics
(Application;Science) MolecularModeling
(Application;Science) Biochemistry
(Application;Science) Biology
(Application;Science;Bioinformatics) GeneticSequencing
(Application;[Science]) MedicalSoftware ??

(Application;Science;[Graphics]) Visualization
(Application;Science) Geology (Geophysics ?)

What about this (similar to "Viewer"):
(AudioVideo) Player (Mp3 player, video player, TV - things like xanim, xmms,

I'm not quite satisfied with Tools/Utilities (but waiting for 1.6) since my
first associations were:
Tools : "Ximian Setup Tools"
Utilities : "Norton Utilities"
whereas I'd put a calculator into "Accessories" or similar...

regarding "StrategyGame		- Turn based strategy game"
Where do "Real time" strategy games fit in ? Are economic simulations
in "StrategyGame" or should there be another value for them?
In German the word "Aufbauspiele" has become quite popular, what's
that in English (meaning game; to build, create) ? Roleplaying ? ...

I suggest renaming "Core" to "Base" or so (dumped core ?)

(Application;Math) ComputerAlgebra
(Application;Science;Math) Statistics (I think I saw this being mentioned ?)
(Application;[Science];[Visualization]) GIS (geographic information system)

(Application;[Science]) Astrology ;*o

(Application;[Graphics]) DTP (desktop publishing, may be called
   "Publishing" or "PageLayout" alternatively, related is "Typesetting"
(Application;Graphics;[RasterGraphics];[VectorGraphics] FontEditor (type
(Application;Graphics;[Office]) Charting (or similar, like KChart ?)
(Application;Math;[Science];[Graphics]) Plotting (GNU plot, ...)
where does MS Visio fit in ? "GraphDrawing", "Diagrams" ?

"SystemSetup" == "SystemAdminitration" ? (please clarify)

(Application) Engineering
(Application) EDA (and/or "Electrical" ?)
(Application;EDA) SchematicCapture
(Application;EDA) VLSILayoutEditor (or similar)
(Application;EDA) PBCDesign (or similar)
(Application;Engineering) CAD (and CAM ?)


(Application;[Base]) FileManager
(Application;Network) MUA (I see you have "Email", never mind)
(AudioVideo;[Base]) SoundMixer
data backup, archiving ?
communication, telephony, VoIP ?
web authoring, content management systems, Adobe Director ?
(AudioVideo) Video ?
groupware tools, collaborative environments, workflow oh well :)
data exploration, data mining ?
(Application;Development) RevisionManagement (things like
a CVS repository browser  ?)
(Application;[Office];[Productivity]) Outliner (ordering thoughts, creativity
   tools, ...)
(Application) RoutePlanning
(Application|Applet;Communication|Network) IM (AOL, MS, ...)
(Application;[Productivity]) ContactManagement ("AddressBook")
(I see you have Calendar, ok)
(Applet) Notification (new mail, incoming calls, somewhat related to
burn CDs, ripping audio/video
(I think you already added FinancialSoftware or similar)
(Application;Science) QualitativeDataEntry (I think a better name exists,
   don't remember it)

add FLTK (like Qt, Gtk, GNOME, XFCE, KDE)

I would suggest to give some context for each category:
- what other categoryies are usually included (recommended)
- what other categories should be considered to go along (optional)

Presentation  (Application;[Office];[Graphics])
WebBrowser (Application;Network)

Maybe set up a mailing list where application authors could send
their .desktop files for review to have more consistent categorization ?

Best regards,

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