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session management subtlety

	I've just read over the thread from


	And I wanted to offer my interpretation of some of the things
discussed. There's nothing really different in my interpretation - I
just wanted to clarify exactly what interpretation gnome-session will
use (unless, of course, my interpretation is wrong :-)

Saving per SaveYourself and Discard command:

	Every app should save its data per SaveYourself, and not per
session id. So to avoid leaking loads of session files, the session
manager should run DiscardCommand after every SaveYourself. Because so
many apps may be (wrongly) choosing to save per session id it is a
good idea to only run DiscardCommand after SaveYourself if the
DiscardCommand has actually changed ...

Local vs Global and logging out:

	Local should be used to save session state (e.g. window
placement), global should be used to save more permanent state (e.g.
modified documents in a word processor). When the user selecs 'Log
out' from the panel, the panel will request a Global only
SaveYourself. The session manager will pop up the log out dialog, and
if the user selects 'Save current setup' the session manager will
amend the SaveYourself type to Both.

	The window manager should *not* save window state in response
to a Global only SaveYourself ..

	Does this sound reasonable ?


P.S. - apologies for not participating in the original thread - but it
       was pure gobbledy gook to me back then :-)

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