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Re: TMS comments

On Tuesday 03 September 2002 20:27, Jens Finke wrote:
[about storing thumbnails in a subdirectiory of the directory containing
the images]
> Your ideas have been in one of the previous versions of the TMS. But it
> has been discussed on the list that such a behaviour introduces so much
> special cases to handle and is just too complex. If multiple users access
> global thumbnail directories you get problems like: Who owns the
> thumbnail? What happens if a file get deleted? How do you handle
> group/user permissions with regards to the thumbnails? And so on.
> It was decided, that it is better to have a simple solution than to use a
> super complex system, which is hard to implement.

Why not specify only the side of things related to reading
thumbnails existing in a subdirectory of the actual image
directiory, how they should be named to be found by a
reading software, etc. and not specify the dirty details of how and
if the thumbnails should be generated by a system in the first
place ?

With such an addition, generation of thumbnails for a
"image collection CD ROM" or an FTP site containing
images for download could be added and existing software
would be able to _read_ it immediately, knowing nothing of standard
or site-specific policies regarding _generation_ of non-user

A big win for removable media, slow file systems, and slow


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