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Re: TMS comments


Kai Wetzel wrote:
> This addition is useful and this behavior could even be marked optional
> so a client may generate thumbnails in ~/.thumbnails despite the
> existance of a relative thumbnail directory.
> The relative thumbnail directory should be called different then
> relative thumbnail directory in ~/

Raphaël Quinet wrote:
> In my previous message, my idea was to use the current proposal as much
> as possible (i.e., keep the same absolute URI and hope that most people
> will use the same mount points) because this makes the implementation
> simpler and does not introduce special cases.
> [...]
> I understand that you would like to keep the TMS as simple as
> possible, but the current TMS proposal has sacrificed some features that
> existed in older schemes and I would like some of these (local
> thumbnails) to be back if possible.

maybe you one of you (or you both) should start to write this down and
make a patch to the current TMS. Then we could discuss this on base of a
specific proposal and it would be a big help for me. You can find the SGML
source at http://triq.net/~pearl/thumb-spec.php.



"If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to treat everything as
if it were a nail" - A. Maslow           -= http://triq.net/~pearl =-

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