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Re: Subject: How to share and maintain a common icon namespace

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On Thursday 12 September 2002 15:30, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> Hi,
> After writing the icon theme specification (based mainly on the KDE
> theme system with some small additions needed for Gnome) I've started
> implementing it in Gnome. Initially I just used it for interpreting
> the Icon field in desktop files, which was easy. But now we want to
> use icon theming in a broader way, and we've stumbled over some
> issues.
> At the core the problem is that the icon name namespace is shared
> between KDE, Gnome and other applications.

Ouch. Do we really want that?
Aside from the problems you've raised... do we really want KDE to look like
Gnome and vice versa?? (I mean, people other than RedHat ;)

IMHO the common directories should be used as a fallback, so that
a 3rd-party application can install its icon in a single place, and have
its .desktop file specify the icon name, and automatically all environments
pick up that icon.
But for anything else, I'm sure the KDE & Gnome artists would prefer the
two environments to have a different set of icons, no? (cc'ing our lead artist).

Ok, I see that there is another goal behind this: being able to write an icon
theme that works in both environments. I think this requires a very high level
of standardisation (as you said, agreeing on sharing a common namespace,
and documenting the names of all the icons used by each environment, etc. etc.).
Personnally, I don't think the gain (shared icon themes, something useful to
0.0001% of the users, if both environments keep a separate default icon theme 
anyway) is worth the hassle.

Just my own opinion, not speaking for the KDE project here (I'm usually not
too involved in icon stuff).

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