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Re: Icon Theme Spec and Cross-desktop Themeing

> Rodney Dawes <dobey free fr> wrote:
> > After talking to a number of people on IRC, and the responses to this
> > thread (or lack thereof), indicates to me that people either want it,
> > or have no reason to argue against it. That seems quite good, since we
> > do need standardization of names. If you are referring to the ~/.themes
> > change, I believe that people didn't "want" it, because Mandrake, SuSE,
> > and KDE, et al. are already used to using the "icons" dirs, rather than
> > unifying theme directories. I could be wrong, but this is at least what
> > I was told last time I brought up moving it to the "themes" layout.
> It this stuff is going to be standardized, it should definitely go
> under $XDG* instead of creating new top-level hierarchies... (but I
> don't think you should take IRC or lack of responses as consensus from
> KDE)

I totally (surprise, surprise) 100000% agree...

> Cheers,
> Navin.


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