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Re: Shared MIME-Info: Common Assess Implmentation

On Thu, Feb 27, 2003 at 05:26:23PM -0500, Jonathan Blandford wrote:
> The source XML files:
>  * As a general comment on all of these file types, I'd like to see the
>    version of the file-format specified -- especially if we are allowing
>    arbitrary tags.

This can get dicey.  Not all formats are amenable to quickly pulling
this info out.
I'd also like to see an addition to support wrapped file types.
Eg MS Office files that show up as OLE2 documents, can be identified
with an OLE2 handler by virtue of the stream names.
This comes up with OpenOffice files as zip files, and lost of apps
with .xml.gz as a file format.  Which raises the interesting
question of just how much work the sniffer should be willing to do.

Can there be a fast vs accurate mode ?
Can we catch if a glob matches but a content sniff does not ?

>  * Here's another problem that I don't know if there's a clean solution
>    too.  What about an app like gnumeric that knows that it can read in
>    spreadsheets created by Applix, but that Applix is unlikely to be
>    installed on that computer.  Should it try to install a file for that
>    format so that the user has a hope of of opening such a file if they
>    get one, or should they restrain in the offchance they do get Applix.
>    These kind of problems can be avoided by adding such types to the
>    global mime-database.  Doesn't solve the problem, though.

I doubt there is any real choice here.  Unless we can guarantee that
the base set of magic types definitely includes the definitions of
all supported types that app will need to install them.  Potentially
creating conflicts.

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