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date DND


I'm currently working on adding dnd to the GtkCalendar widget (see
http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=117297). I've looked around
for prior art, but couldn't find any, therefore I invented the following

type: application/x-date
format: 16
data[0]: 1-based day number (ie between 1 and 31)
data[1]: 0-based month number (ie between 0 and 11)
data[2]: year

The seemingly strange mixture of 1-based and 0-based numbering has been
inherited from GtkCalendar which has inerited it from time_t. The format
is 16 to give enough room for the year.

What I'd like to ask this list is:

1) Are there existing data formats for transferring dates via X
properties ? If yes, should we agree on an existing one, rather than
inventing a new one...

2) Is the proposed format good enough, or should we optionally include
time information ?


PS There seems to be some mailing list configuration issue, as I
currently can't reach this list as xdg-list freedesktop org, only as 
xdg-list redhat com 

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