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Re: RFP: Enchant Spell Checker

On Monday 21 July 2003 20:37, Dom Lachowicz wrote:
> Hi folks,

Hi Dom,

> Enchant is a spell checking and correcting framework
> that I spawned as part of the AbiWord project, in
> response to a fair number of bugzilla RFEs. I offer it
> up here in the hopes that it might be of some general
> use to the various desktops, office suites, etc...
> that comprise Freedesktop.org, and possibly that
> someday in the future it or a descendant might be
> considered a standard.

I'm just checking out the code. The idea is great. I have a few 
questions if you don't mind:
1) From my quick look at enchant++.h and understanding of the initial 
goal - backends are completely abstracted and there's no way to set one 
specific using enchant++.h api. For some languages dictionaries in 
ispell are more comprehensive than in aspell. I was wondering how, if 
at all, Enchant handles the situation of one spell checker having a 
more complete set of words than the other.
2) Related to #1 : if it Enchant checks multiple backends for 
suggestions what happens if one marks a word as misspelled (e.g. lack 
of it in the dictionary), and the other says it's spelled correctly?
3) Is there a preference as to which backends are checked first?


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