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Re: Default browser setting

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On Wednesday 23 July 2003 23:17, Shaun McCance wrote:
> > See the "mimetype standard" spec, and the proposed "mime-type/application
> > mapping spec, being discussed roughly 2 weeks ago". Once those two specs
> > are implemented in most desktops, finding what's the "preferred browser"
> > is only a matter of looking up the preferred application for text/html.
> That doesn't seem right.  The "preferred browser" shouldn't be bound to
> the mime type.  It should be bound to the scheme of the URL.  You don't
> know that I'm going to get text/html from the server.  All you know is
> that I've clicked an http link.  What mime type am I supposed to query
> to find out what to use for mailto?

Not sure if it is an existing type already but the url/x-mailto idea that was 
mentioned sounds interesting. Preferred browser could then be looked up by 
checking for url/x-http.

The drawback would be that it does stretch the idea of mimetypes a little. 
Does it make the mimetype of a URL such as "http://www.kde.org"; url/x-http or 
/text/html? That's rather context dependent I would imagine.

Opinions anyone?

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