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Re: modal help proposal

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On Saturday 26 July 2003 22:01, Phil Blundell wrote:
> Traditional "mouse-over" tooltips often don't work when your input
> device is a touchpanel, since it may not be possible to move the pointer
> without generating a click event.  In the GPE project we've been using a
> modal help system based on the protocol below.
> A panel button or hotkey is used to enter help mode.  In this mode, the
> help application grabs all mouse clicks, suspending normal UI
> operation.  Any click event is interpreted as a request for help on the
> widget that was clicked.  The tooltip text is passed back to the help
> application which displays it in a pop-up.
> It'd be cool to see something like this supported directly by the widget
> toolkits.  It's fairly easy to hook this kind of functionality into at
> least the existing GtkTooltip class.

Sounds a lot like Qt's WhatsThis mode which is based on _NET_WM_CONTEXT_HELP
See http://mail.gnome.org/archives/wm-spec-list/1999-December/msg00006.html

I can't find it back in any spec though.

It works different in the sense that the application itself pops up the help.

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