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Re: Desktop Entry Standard Comments

On Wednesday 11 June 2003 11:01, David Faure wrote:
> On Tuesday 10 June 2003 12:23, Heinrich Wendel wrote:
> > Ok, they still should be mentioned in the standard, but it should be more
> > clear that they are deprecated. I wrote an update to the spec, take a
> > look at http://www.cojobo.net/~h_wendel/stuff/desktop-entry-spec.html
> > (.sgml). What I did is: Added Jonathan's @Modifier patch, collected all
> > deprecated items in one appendix and redesigned the Standard Keys table.
> About the deprecated section:
> * Typo: .applnk should be .kdelnk (I assume this is about KDE-1 files)

Yes it's a typo ;D And I think that's what suse still uses in it's menusystem 

> * "Deprecated" keys still used by KDE:
>   ServiceTypes, DocPath, Keywords
> The whole Service/ServiceTypes thing is definitely a KDE extension (we use
> the same .desktop-file mechanism for components as we use for apps). I
> would want to see it marked as "KDE-specific", but not as "deprecated".
> This will definitely remain in the future. And it's certainly too late to
> prefix it with X-KDE...
> Not sure what DocPath exactly is - well it looks like the relative path to
> the app's docu, so maybe this too could be marked as "KDE specific".
> Same thing for Keywords, we use it for KControl modules. Can it be marked
> as "KDE specific" too?
I like this idea, I added also BinaryPattern, MapNotify, InitialPreference, 
Protocols, Extensions, as they also seem to be KDE specific.

> On the other hand the paragraph about "DefaultApp" should really be
> moved to the 'deprecated section'. That paragraph mentions, without naming
> it, the "InitialPreference" field that KDE uses, but this will have to
> change at some point in the future, I'll see what comes out of the mimetype
> spec on this matter. Anyway, in KDE InitialPreference is "still in use but
> will be deprecated", so I'm fine with it being marked as deprecated
> already, but for sure "DefaultApp" is totally dropped and has been for long
> (and Gnome doesn't have mimetype .desktop files, so probably no use for
> DefaultApp either).

I updated my version of the spec, take another look at:

mfg, Heinrich :)

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