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Re: mime-type/application association spec

Fwiw, here is a thread comparing KDE and GNOME mime type handling, I
don't know if it has already been mentionned there, but it's fairly



Le mar 10/06/2003 à 13:11, Christophe Fergeau a écrit :
> Hi,
> Since there didn't seem to have much activity to write a doc specifying
> how mime-type/application associations could be handled in a
> cross-desktop way, I decided to give a try at such a spec. Attached to
> this email, you'll find a rough draft describing one possible way of
> doing that. Keep in mind that it's a very preliminary draft whose main
> goal is to start a discussion. 
> There are probably many problems I didn't think about, it only talks
> about GNOME specific stuff since I don't know how this problem is
> handled in other desktop environments. However, I took various idea from
> posts on this mailing list, so some parts of this document are probably
> quite similar to what KDE is currently doing. 
> So here is the document (it's also available from
> http://cfergeau.free.fr/mime-spec.txt), any comment is welcome,
> Christophe

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