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Re: Dozens of incomplete stuff in Desktop Entry Standard

On Thursday 26 June 2003 19:31, Koblinger Egmont wrote:
> Hi!
> I just started to write a small utility that takes .desktop files as input
> and creates menus for many old-fashioned window managers in many
> languages. Hence I had to study the exact specification of these .desktop
> files.
> Unfortunately, after having read the draft document several times, I have
> many-many questions that are unanswered by this document. This document
> seems to be a guideline rather than an exact specification to me, which in
> some cases might even lead to incompatible implementations. Some of my
> comments/questions that'll follow soon might seem to be very trivial and
> stupid, but I do believe that they have to be addressed in such a
> standard.
> It's a little bit sad to see that this document hasn't been maintained for
> two years now, but I do hope that after a big cleanup it will be released
> as 1.0. With this mail I hope I can help in reaching it. I really do hope
> that this standard is not a dead one (as lots of others which are not even
> marked as draft rely on it) and will be maintained in the near future.
> Strange too, but version 0.9.2 is available on www.freedesktop.org, though
> according to the CVS changelog 0.9.3 was committed a fey days later.

I agree with your opinion that there has to be done a lot in the spec to get 
it to version 1.0. I started a thread[1] a few weeks ago and created a new 
revision based on the replies, you can find at [2]. Altough it does not cover 
all your critic points, it might be a good beginning.

mfg, Heinrich

[1] https://listman.redhat.com/archives/xdg-list/2003-June/msg00013.html
[2] http://www.cojobo.net/~h_wendel/stuff/desktop-entry-spec.html

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