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URL support (Re: mime-type/application mapping spec, take #2)

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On Sunday 29 June 2003 01:24, David Faure wrote:
> > supported_uris: gnome or not gnome ? (this currently lists the various
> > url schemes an app can open: http, ftp, ...)
> This would be an interesting extension. %u and %U mean "any URL"
> but when SupportedProtocols (for a name more consistent with the
> existing fields in the .desktop standard) is there, it could say which
> protocols are supported. This allows to say that e.g. xmms supports http
> but not much more (in particular not ssh, smb, etc. etc.).
> I suggest SupportedProtocols - or just Protocols maybe? - instead of
> SupportedURIs since this lists protocols, not full URIs.

What is missing is a way to say "all URLs supported by KIO-slaves" or "all 
URLs supported by gnome-vfs" and then having a defined way to find out what 
type of URLs are actually supported by either of these two. Needless to say 
that KDE does not have problems finding out what URLs are supported by 
KIO-slaves, and vice-versa, GNOME will for sure know what gnome-vfs supports, 
but how would a KDE application find out which urls gnome-vfs supports or how 
would a GNOME application find out which type of urls are supported by 

A solution to that problem could be to standardize KDE's .protocol files (Does 
GNOME have something similar?) so that both environments could learn which 
types of urls the other supports and extend them with some sort of Exec-field 
for applications that don't support either KIO-slaves or gnome-vfs natively. 
By executing the program in this Exec-field an application would then be able 
to download/copy a file of this url-type. (And possibly have additional 
Exec-fields for uploading and listing.)

This way KDE applications would be able to open all urls supported by 
gnome-vfs and GNOME applications would be able to open all urls supported by 
KIO-slaves. Likewise, third-party applications will now be able to support 
these urls as well.

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