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Re: URL support (Re: mime-type/application mapping spec, take #2)

> A short interlude of pedanticism:
> By "protocol", do we mean "scheme"? "Protocol" is a word covering a
> multitude of layers, whereas "scheme" is the bit before the colon in a
> URI. Not all URI schemes are protocols - "file" is an obvious one, and
> "news" is a bit vague (and might cover both NNTP and IMAP). Even "http",
> to be *really* pedantic, tends to use both HTTP and DNS.
> RFC2396 seems to be the current wordage on the correct terms - it'd be
> nice if any standard coming from this group used the same language.

Yeah, I actually meant scheme :) gnome-vfs uses 'scheme', kde seems to
be using 'protocol', and since I haven't read RFC2396, I didn't know
which one was best ;) I also agree we should use 'scheme'.

Thanks for your clarification, that was really helpful,


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