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Re: Proposed Browser Bookmark Sharing Standard.

XBEL looks fine to me, but I'm not a browser developer.

I suspect the only things that XDG needs to add in this case is:
1) Where the bookmarks file[s] is/are stored. (And how to deal with
multiple ones if we allow this)
2) How/when/if to detect updates to it.
3) How/when/if to handle conflicting updates.
4) Fix a [minimum] version for XDG purposes.

Incidentally, "exchange", in terms of information transfer, in not the
same as "import/export", which is I think the source of confusion over
whether its suitable or not.

And now for my almost-obligatory comment on ACAP: :-)

For other prior art in this area, there's an IETF draft concerning
sharing and accessing bookmark information via ACAP, recently updated:


A brief glance through XBEL suggests that XBEL and this draft are mostly
sane WRT each other.

I might implement a XBEL<=>ACAP agent thingy in my next release of the
server, actually, since I've been looking for a good excuse to write a
vaguely useful example. I'm not convinced there's much need to integrate
this sort of support into the browser if we already have XBEL, and the
browsers notice changes to it.


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