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Re: hal spec 0.2-pre

On Thu, 2003-10-30 at 11:51, Marc Boris Dürner wrote:
> I agree wholeheartly with this. I would even remove BootProgram,
> ShutdownProgram, 
> ConfigureProgram for the first version of HAL. 

Hmm, it's not like it's a lot of code and it's already written and
works. It's not going to be used for anything for mainstream devices on
Linux, but I can imagine a few odd cases where this might be useful
though. One of them being the user having to ''turn on'' the physical
device before using it (for instance to save power) - can't think of
anything specific though..

The reason I want to keep it is to give OEM's an ability invoke their
software to configure the device. We should be friendly towards OEMs,

> It gives us a lot of problems
> integrating HAL 
> into a modern C++ framework and our distribution. 

Just curious; what problems will this give you?

> Also I believe it is
> important to get 
> HAL out quickly even if it means to reduce the features for version 1.
> Nothing stops us to 
> expand into device configuration after HAL-1. And for simple mounting /
> unmounting or 
> other "activation" stuff a separate deamon is probably more appropriate. and
> someone 
> already volunteered to do it (volume manager). 

> A minor thing: How about renaming the property GotDeviceInfoFile to 
> DeviceInfoFilePresent? Then all the DeviceInfoFile* properties would be
> "namespaced" 
> correctly. 

Good point. There will be a DeviceInfo. hierarchy with these entries.
> I am also still comitted to donate some ps2 and serial probing code. Havent
> done it yet, 
> because HAL was still under heavy redesign. Also got some stuff for IDE/SCSI
> device 
> probing atm if there is any interest. All is GPL. 

Sounds good.


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