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That 'vision' thing (Tuomas has a logo proposal)

Jim Gettys asked Tuomas Kousmanen <tigert gimp org> to put together a 
suggestion for a logo for our little project and he's come up with 
something that looks quite nice to me.  If others agree, maybe we can 
adopt it for the time being as an official logo.  Of course, my big plan 
is to get some chotski generated from my web store so I can wear it around 

Here's his comments:

 "If you want to pass my comments (you know all those fancy designers
   always have this "vision" thing that they had when doing the logo etc..
   :) So the blue rounded rectangle represents "freedesktop" and there are
   several groups of people working together and sharing ideas inside it
   (the white rectangles inside)."

I've attached a small .png file; he's provided .svg so we can generate 
images at any scale (of course, cairo was used to generate this .png).


Attachment: freedesktop-logo.png
Description: freedesktop-logo.png

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