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Re: That 'vision' thing (Tuomas has a logo proposal)

On Nov 4, Owen Taylor wrote:
 > Hmmm, I hate to quibble, since it's an attractive, professional looking
 > logo, but the immediate thought (at least after reading that comment)
 > was:

It seems the quibble is more with the "vision statement" rather than
the logo itself, right?

Fortunately, for the discussion here, the vision statement isn't the
most important aspect. It's the logo itself that will be presented publicly.

Personally, I like the logo quite a bit, (but that might be just
because cairo rendered it). I think the rectangles, (rounded no less),
make a nice depiction of a modern graphical desktop. The connecting
lines suggest to me collaboration between desktop clients, which is,
after all, a lot of what freedesktop.org is about.

The sense of collaboration between groups is also suggested nicely,
but I don't think it's worth trying to decide who's who. Instead,
every group participating in freedesktop can just consider themselves
as the largest rectangle. ;-)


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