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Re: That 'vision' thing (Tuomas has a logo proposal)

Carl Worth (cworth east isi edu):

> Here's a rendering of the logo using hinted Gadget at a slightly
> larger size that seems to hit one of the hints' sweet-spots, (notice
> the 'k' and 'p' glyphs are no longer so distorted):
> 	http://freedesktop.org/~cworth/logo-samples.html
> The path-based version is rendered at the same size for comparison.
> Personally, I prefer the hinted version much more for the web page.
> The existence of the path-based version does allow us to use it
> anywhere the font is not available or where the font hints would cause
> unacceptable artifacts.

  It seems that letting your browser do the composite to white is a bad
idea, as it does not seem to correct for gamma.  Look how much better
the logos appear when you do a more correct composite:



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