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Re: That 'vision' thing (Tuomas has a logo proposal)

Lars Hallberg wrote:

Guess that most browsers that don't know CSS choose the clasic: blu links, purple for visited links. The way around is to make the bakground classic (grey or white). Then the backround can be changed with CSS soo You ether get a readable classic look without CSS, or the 'intended' look with CSS. Grey would be best in this case if some browser goof up and change the links to white but not the background :-)

Looking into the code.... I see no reason for a non CSS browser to render a blue background - and dillo don't do it ether.

Do You have a browser with CSS suport, but broken CSS suport? Like and old IE or NS4?

In that case I leave the problem up to someone that have such browser to experiment with. The 'broken CSS'-generation of browser is *hard* to suport, and it's not easyer that they comes in allot of versions broken in slightly different ways. I'm afraid the only foolprof way is to simply not have a blue background for links :-(

I'm an arogant bastard that mostly given up on thes users :-/ Someone shuld set up a downlod of NS2/3 or somthing for this poor people (asuming they have a reason not to upgrade).


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