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Re: shared-mime-info - capitalization


To my knowdledge there would be no problem with respect to
RTL languages.  Perhpas Unicode's Title Case properties can
always be used later.  So I don't see any reason for duplicating


On Thu, 20 Nov 2003, Christian Neumair wrote:

> I realized that it's a good thing to uncapitalize the begining of all
> shared-mime-info strings if they don't begin with a brand/product name
> since they could be used within any sentence, too.
> But what about e.g. listings where each string SHOULD begin with a
> capital letter? Should we add an additional string or just do some
> conversion magic using an additional function in update-mime-database?
> IMHO we should add additional strings for each mime type if we really
> want proper i18n since RTL or foreign languages may have challenging and
> tricky conversion. I'd volunteer for implementing such a thing. We'd
> need to update the specs, though.
> Comments, suggestions?
> regs,
>  Chris
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