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Open Source Desktop Technology Road Map: Missing something...

Hi all

I read the document by Jim and got one question. I'd like to ask it

There is a lot in this document about the output devices. New X
extensions related to the graphics/video, some ideas about printing etc.
But I find very little about the input (actually, only about XInput hot-
plugability). Even textual searching for the words "mouse" and
"keyboard" returned nothing. Does this mean we should consider these
areas as perfectly good, functionally complete etc.? I would not say so.
Still, configuring consistent behavior for the "extended" (n>3) mouse
buttons throughout the desktop is a "far todo" thing. The xkb extension
is very versatile - but it still has some restrictions. These days,
there is a lot of keyboards with multimedia keys - but adding each new
one to the configuration repository is still a hackish task (that is why
current repository is very far from being complete).
Probably there are other issues which I don't know about. I think it is
unfair to avoid mentioning them in this document.



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