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Re: Enhancing Usability regarding Input Methods in the X desktop


On Tue, 25 Nov 2003 15:07:02 +0100 (CET)
Andreas Laestadius <an9n rocketmail com> wrote:

> In my humble oppinion, there is a usability issue with
> the current way the linux desktop handles input
> methods. Localization and translation efforts are all
> good, however, currently the Linux desktop is
> multi-monolingual at best.
> Using the LANG variable (as many applications do) to
> set the _input_ method for an application is not the
> answer, that's localization down the monolingual-lane,
> not true i18n.

 I agree with you. Using LANG variable is not enough.

> Where would be the right place for the implantation
> for this? Is there any project dealing with this at
> present?

 Our project uim is to implement secure and useful input method library
for many languages. It is *not* extention of XIM, but there is XIM
server using this library, so we can input to X applications through
XIM. ( The XIM server now only support japanese, but this problem will
be solved. )

 If you want to know more about uim, please see:




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