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Re: Enhanced Trash functionality

> > Is anyone currently working on such a draft ?

Looking into libtrash[1] already in it's version 2.1 it has nice docs that clearly state it *does* enumerate mulitple deletions of the same filename and much more. Even if it had not been implemented yet IMHO it would have been best do just implement there.

If an app like konqueror really needs to delete something for good it is possible to have "delete" excpicitly circumvent libtrash. Which IMHO is a bad idea though, because it is easy to get into the habbit of regularly using the "real" delete. Better have all normal delete requests intercepted by libtrash however maybe provide an extra more exlicit "wipe out" or similar in konqueror if desired.

Through the preload systemcall interception libtrash is a true catch all solution which does not depend on trash-aware apps (or yet another API). And it is ready to work with all filesystems.

Think it is very well suited for now, and for filesystems that do not have proper undelete.


[1] http://www.m-arriaga.net/software/libtrash

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