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Re: Validating HAL device info files

> I put together a RELAX NG schema, you should find it attached.

Thanks, committed and will be installed on 'make install' just like the

> It's "tighter" than the DTD since it allows only one of string, int, or
> bool as attributes inside a <match> element, and tries to constrain
> their values according to type, plus it constrains the content of a
> <merge> based upon its type attribute.
> It currently doesn't constrain the value of a <match> element's int
> attribute.  The parser in hald/device_info.c seems to use strtol so the
> value can be expressed in hex, octal or decimal - the only current
> example uses hex. I believe the rng file could express this using
> pattern facets (I'm learning RELAX NG as I go along, hope it doesn't
> show)

This would be great - I have to admit that I still need to learn RELAX
NG myself sometime!


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