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Default Program | File Association

Is anyone working on a (shared) default program or file association scheme? (And other related things things like default browers, default email composers, and stuff like whether to open a url in a new instance, new window, new tab, current browser, and how to do those things?)

I'm aware of a shared MIME types thing, but not of any way of actually using them for anything except a 'file' replacement. (Which isn't a bad idea, btw.)

I tend to use the command line a lot, but I'm aware that Konquerer and Nautilus have ways of deciding which program to launch a file with. I would assume others like Rox have ways to handle this as well.

I couldn't help but notice though, that when I tried to view a .diff earlier, I had to specific in Mozilla Mail which program to open it in.

In X-Chat, if I right click on a link I'm presented with a list of browsers, and then a submenu of ways to open the url with that select browser. It includes things like Netscape and Opera, which I don't even have installed.

I'm always avoiding clicking on URLs in Gaim, because I know it won't do what I want.

In Gaim's file transfer dialog, there's an Open button, which is always disabled, since there's no way to figure out what to open it in.

Is anyone working on a solution to these problems?

If not, I might be tempted to get my hands dirty. Could anyone point me to the exact parts of Gnome, KDE, and other such systems, so that I might look at how they work? And some contact info on the people in charge of these subsystems would be helpful as well, especially if they're not on this list. Also, documentation on how it works in other OS's, like Windows (I used to know this, but they might have changed it since then..) or MacOS, would be useful to look at.

--Tim Ringenbach

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