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Autostart (Was: Third-party sessioning requests)

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On Thu January 08 2004 13:15, Ray Strode wrote:
> Bill Haneman wrote:
> > I am saying that we need IMO a standard mechanism for doing this
> > (i.e. what gnome does with session-manual and KDE does with
> > autostart) just as we are working on a standard sessioning mechanism.
> Okay so would adding $XDG_DATA_HOME/autostart and
> $XDG_DATA_DIRS/autostart to the DSME
> be sufficient and okay with everyone? (Note those prefixes come from
> http://freedesktop.org/Standards/basedir-spec)
> So if something needed to be started automatically then its desktop file
> could be dropped into any of the above autostart directories and it would be
> started automatically.
> We're probably going to have to standardize some new .desktop keys for
> triaging load order.
> --Ray

We have a bunch of such keys in KDE already:

X-KDE-autostart-condition: a reference to a configuration entry which value 
determines whether the application should be started or not. That way you 
don't need to mess around with .desktop files if you want to enable/disable 
certain the autostarting of an application from a program. This probably 
needs some attention if we are going to standardize this.


This looks at $KDEDIR/share/config/klipperrc, looks up the key AutoStart= in 
the [General] group and assumes "true" if no such key is present.

X-KDE-autostart-after: References another autostarted application by the name 
of its .desktop file (without the .desktop extension)

X-KDE-autostart-phase: We recognize two different phases during startup:
1: After the WM has started but before the rest of the (saved) session has 
been restored
2: After the (saved) session has been restored

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