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Re: More on hotplug issue w/HAL

On Fri, 2004-01-09 at 05:00, Matthew Mastracci wrote:
> > > I'm working on adding I2C bus support for HAL as we speak.  I'd like to
> > > see my I2C tuner appear underneath my BT848 card.  ;)
> > 
> > Great; help is always welcome.
> Here is the patch to support to support the I2C bus.  Attached is:
>  - The patch (in -u format) to tools/device-manager/Const.py.in,
> hald/Makefile.am hald/linux/linux_osspec.c 
>  - The new files, linux_i2c.h and linux_i2c.c
> I based linux_i2c.* off linux_pci.*.  I tested it with the I2C adapter
> on my BT848 card, as well as the onboard NVidia NForce2 SMBus adapter. 

Many thanks, I've just committed the code with a change in linux_osspec
to check if the device->bus_id starts with i2c instead of checking that
device->bus equals i2c. The latter was 'unknown' on my box - might be a
kernel or libsysfs issue.

> No capabilities are currently supported, but the devices nodes now show
> up.

I've added that info.[category|capabilities] will be set to i2c. Btw, I
wonder what a desktop application would use such a device for, any

Again, many thanks,

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