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Re: Session Management Proposal

Dne Thursday 08 of January 2004 12:46 Ray Strode napsal(a):
> Hi Lubos,
> >- Also, I have a special hack in ksmserver+kwin for session saving, making
> >kwin perform saving in phases 0 and 2. There's no phase 0 of course, but
> > the WM actually needs to perform saving both before and after other apps
> > save - before if you want to save active window, active virtual desktop
> > or stacking order (because the 'save?' dialogs may change that), and
> > after ... well, that's obvious. Could such ordering be guaranteed?
> The most tempting solution, I think (for me at least), is to add
> something that
> would say that when the session manager receives a SaveYourselfRequest
> with global = True, it should send SaveYourself messages to clients in the
> order they were registered.  The window manager should be started before
> any applications that need a window manager, so that should work.  The only
> problem is sometimes users switch window managers in the middle of the
> session.

 I find this problem significant enough. You cannot really rely on window 
manager being the very first app to register with the SM. Moreover, the 
SaveYourself messages are usually sent all at the same time, not ordered.

> The slightly less desirable solution (for me at least) is to say that if
> a client
> has the window manager role set, then the sm should send it the
> SaveYourself message before other clients.  I guess this is really the only
> way to get around the problem of window managers getting switched in the
> middle of a session, so unless you have a nicer solution I'll add something
> along these lines to the spec.

 I'm perfectly fine with this. I don't see any problem with saying 'WM will 
get SaveYourself first in phase1, and other only after WM finishes the save 
or asks for phase2'.

 Let's discuss the rest in the thread about the autostart directory.

 Lubos Lunak
 KDE Developer

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