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First of all, thanks to the freedesktop team.  We have survived our move
with GStreamer to fdo succesfully, and thanks to the help of all the
admins around we didn't suffer much in the process :)

Second, a general question.  Projects like KDE, GNU and GNOME each have
their own translation framework.  GStreamer has just recently been
i18n-ized using gettext, and now we want to start looking around for a
solution to actually get everything translated.

It would seem natural to me that freedesktop would have its own i18n
framework, but it doesn't seem like there is such a thing yet.  Is this
part of freedesktop's focus, or is it the case (as some people tell me
on IRC) that freedesktop doesn't really need translations for the
project it hosts ?

I would think that fdo does need it, but I'd like to hear other people's
thoughts on it.


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