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Re: [patch] Video4Linux HAL class

On Fri, 2004-01-16 at 02:11, Matthew Mastracci wrote:
> The attached patch + new files adds virtual video4linux class devices to
> the HAL tree (and fixes a small bug with the i2c adapters not being
> removed properly on hotplug remove).  The V4L devices add the following
> multimedia capabilities to their parent device (ie: a bttv-based tv
> capture card):
> V4L Device | Capability       | Name
> radio      | multimedia.radio | Video4Linux Radio Interface
> video      | multimedia.vidio | Video4Linux Video Input Interface
> vbi        | multimedia.vbi   | Video4Linux VBI Interface
> vout       | multimedia.vout  | Video4Linux Video Output Interface
> Note that multimedia.vout is different than video.* - v4l video out
> devices are accessed through the v4l API. 


I've committed this to CVS - many thanks. Now to find a tv tuner card to
try this out ;-).

Thanks again,

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