[zanata/zanata-server] 74fed0: ZNTA-421 - tm-highlighting (#1309)

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Thu Oct 13 04:03:18 UTC 2016

  Branch: refs/heads/master
  Home:   https://github.com/zanata/zanata-server
  Commit: 74fed0b54d38ea7787446fa4035d124dd78ec717
  Author: Alex Eng <aeng at redhat.com>
  Date:   2016-10-13 (Thu, 13 Oct 2016)

  Changed paths:
    M zanata-war/src/main/java/org/zanata/webtrans/client/presenter/UserConfigHolder.java
    M zanata-war/src/main/java/org/zanata/webtrans/client/resources/UiMessages.java
    M zanata-war/src/main/java/org/zanata/webtrans/client/resources/WebTransMessages.java
    M zanata-war/src/main/java/org/zanata/webtrans/client/ui/CellTableResources.css
    M zanata-war/src/main/java/org/zanata/webtrans/client/ui/DiffColorLegendPanel.java
    M zanata-war/src/main/java/org/zanata/webtrans/client/ui/DiffColorLegendPanel.ui.xml
    M zanata-war/src/main/java/org/zanata/webtrans/client/ui/Highlighting.java
    M zanata-war/src/main/java/org/zanata/webtrans/client/view/SearchResultsView.java
    M zanata-war/src/main/java/org/zanata/webtrans/client/view/SearchResultsView.ui.xml
    M zanata-war/src/main/java/org/zanata/webtrans/client/view/TransMemoryView.java
    M zanata-war/src/main/java/org/zanata/webtrans/client/view/TransMemoryView.ui.xml
    M zanata-war/src/test/java/org/zanata/webtrans/client/presenter/TransMemoryPresenterTest.java

  Log Message:
  ZNTA-421 - tm-highlighting (#1309)

* fixed legend logic for diff highlight page

* made quickbuild use clean

* correct tooltip for diff mode

* changed diff tooltip highlight text from colour to status

* Clickable legend for diff highlight

* Change color legend with diff and match options

* Full width on legend, default to highlight

* Use tm in highlight diff

* fix: legend popup text and colours changed (#421)

* fix (TM legend): removed extra blank line from DiffColorLegendPanel & correct commit message

* Fix search and replace legend

* fix: tm diff and highlight colour namaes changed for clarity (#1309)

* fix: tm diff and highlight colour names changed for clarity (#1309)

* refactor: gave tmYellowTextDesc string a more meaningful name (#1309)

* fix: changed name of string in DiffColorLegendPanel.ui.xml to stop build errors (#1309)

* fix(search and replace): fix search and replace legend

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