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Re: [zanata-users] Format specifiers and Plural forms

(2014年07月28日 14:48), Ding Yi Chen wrote:

----- Original Message -----

There are two issues raised from Japanese team, and those have been
filed as the bugs. However, one is stalled leaving the status 'new', and
another was not fixed but closed.

Could you mind to check them and advise if any chance that Zanata can
address them better for both us and developers?

* Format specifiers
See the discussion of the thread title 'Transifex expression check
problem' at trans ML, original post was here [1]. The bug has been filed
at Red Hat Bugzilla [2].

* Plural forms
The bug had been filed at GitHub (Transifex) [3].


Many thanks in advance

Fedora Localization Project

zanata-users mailing list
zanata-users redhat com


It would be easier for Zanata team answer these question,
if you can push those projects in Zanata for us?

And if Zanata behaves differently than what you expect,
you are more than welcome to file bugs.

One is Fedora package[1], thus once actual migration process of 'the move to Zanata plan' has started for FLP, this project certainly will be moved to Zanata. Another is for Xfce [2] and not in the move plan, but we may try to convince this project to move if zanata works better for translators.

In order to make the move plan comfortable, I am wondering if either or both of these problems can be discussed in a proactive manner and found any measure before the migration happens. Can you copy those projects to current test instance[3], so that we can try to see if the problems are reproducible?





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