FastTrak TX2000 and RHEL 3.1

Jonathan Baker-Bates jonathan at
Sun Feb 29 09:03:32 UTC 2004

> I'm trying to install Red Hat Enterprise 3.1 on a machine with a FastTrak
> Lite TX2000 in RAID1 mode, but I'm beginning to think it's not going to be
> possible...

I'll take the list's deafening silence, and my complete failure to get it
working meanwhile, as an indication that it's not possible. So, I'm using
software RAID (md) now.

However, I'd like to set up RAID1 using md, and have the machine boot from
either disk in the event of the other going down. I'm reading the Mirroring
root mini-HOWTO
( but it seems
to be either wrong, or so confusing as to appear to be wrong - has anyone
achieved what it's describing?

Specifically, I'm trying to work out at what point in the procedure you
create the /bootc partition it's talking about. It talks about having one,
but does not appear to tell you how to create it. If I follow the
instructions for "Partitioning the disk" in the HOWTO exactly, lilo can't
get to the second stage and hangs at the "LI" prompt.

If I try the "Configuring LILO" section, but in Red Hat rescue mode
(chrooted to /mnt/sysimage), I can't rename /boot to /bootc (assuming that
what I have to do, the doc doesn't say) as it's in use - although why I'm
not sure. And if I ignore the /bootc thing, and follow the rest of the
instructions, lilo still can't get stage two.

I'd really appreciate any help. I've mailed the maintainer of the HOWTO, but
they're not answering. Also, for all I know they're referring to Red Hat 1
(putting dates on things like this really helps I find...)


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