FastTrak TX2000 and RHEL 3.1

Jonathan Baker-Bates jonathan at
Wed Feb 25 22:50:14 UTC 2004

I'm trying to install Red Hat Enterprise 3.1 on a machine with a FastTrak
Lite TX2000 in RAID1 mode, but I'm beginning to think it's not going to be

I can install the OS if the card is in disk-spanning (JBOD) mode, so I first
did a vanilla install and use that to compile the promise driver for the Red
Hat boot kernel.

I can now switch the card to RAID1 and run the Red Hat installation OK by
loading the FastTrak driver manually at the start of the install process (if
I don't do this, it says it can't see any valid storage device and aborts
the install).

Now, however, I'm trying to work out how to boot into the installation. I
can boot using Red Hat rescue mode off the CD to edit grub.conf and give it
what I think is the necessary kernel parameters (as per the ATA RAID HOWTO).
The installation boots, but can't mount any of the partitions. If I log in
and do a df I can see everything mounted on /dev/hdg2. If I do an lsmod, the
FastTrak driver isn't running. I can load it manually, and it appears to go
in without errors, but I can't see the array.

Can anyone give me any clues? I can't upgrade the kernel, because I'm in a
chicken-and-egg situation with that.


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