Ready to go... but to go where?? (dmraid, kernel patching and all so)

El borrajudo rampante borrajax_listas at
Thu Nov 18 18:39:02 UTC 2004

> Well, list: Here I am. I've decided to make my Raid devices work with a
> 2.6 kernel and I'm going to do it!! (or dead in the attempt). XD
> I've downloaded:
> -A 2.6.7 kernel source (I've heard many bad things about the and
> 2.6.9).
> -The stable device mapper version
> -The latest dmraid (1.0.4 version)
> -Many kernel patches for the kernel. The file is named 2.6.9. Are these
> patchs exclusives for the 2.6.9 kernels?.
> -3) Where could I download the lilo path from?.
Excuse me. I didn't remember a message that gave me the link, explaining
it was possible to boot in Fedora. The message was great, but I'm not
sure about how to do what I want (booting with the 2.6)

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