RAID 1+0 on Promise Fastrak S150 TX4

Teemu Ikonen tpikonen at
Mon Jun 20 09:50:54 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I'm trying to migrate a RAID 1+0 array on a Promise S150 TX4 card with
2.4.x kernel and the ft3xx.o module to a 2.6 kernel based system.

Unfortunately, it seems that dmraid supports only either RAID 1 or
RAID 0, but not the combination (RAID 10) on this card.

The ft3xx module gives the following information on the array:

# cat /proc/scsi/ft3xx/0
PROMISE FastTrak TX4000/376/378/S150 TX Series Linux Driver Version
Adapter1  - FastTrak S150 TX4
Array     - Array[1] : 2X2 Mirror/Stripe (OK-Gigabyte Boundary)
Drive     -
  1 : Maxtor 6Y200M0        IDE1/Master 203928MB IRQ(17) UDMA6 Array[1]
  3 : Maxtor 6Y200M0        IDE2/Master 203928MB IRQ(17) UDMA6 Array[1]
  5 : Maxtor 6Y200M0        IDE3/Master 203928MB IRQ(17) UDMA6 Array[1]
  7 : Maxtor 6Y200M0        IDE4/Master 203928MB IRQ(17) UDMA6 Array[1]

Dmraid tells the following:

# dmraid -tay
pdc_cebbhcjedc: 0 792968704 mirror core 2 512 nosync 4 /dev/sdc 0 /dev/sdd 0
/dev/sde 0 /dev/sdf 0
ERROR: dos: reading /dev/mapper/pdc_cebbhcjedc[No such file or directory]

Contratry to above the device file /dev/mapper/pdc_cebbhcjedc exists,
but mounting it fails.

Is there anything I could do to help get the RAID 10 support on TX4 to
work with  dmraid?

All the best,


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