dmraid and raid 1 created with nvraid

Ben Morse ben at
Fri May 13 12:22:43 UTC 2005

You are in luck, I have your exact same motherboard.  Which raid chip
are you using?  I would highly recomend NOT using the sii one, it isn't
that good, and dmraid doesn't support it.  The nvidia raid however works
just fine with dmraid.  Dmraid will allow you to read and write to the
ARRAY created by windows xp, HOWEVER you will not be able to WRITE to
your nfts xp partiton.  If you shrink the partiton and make space for
linux, it will live alongside with the windows xp partiton.
Andrea Ferrari wrote:

>hi all
>I have an Msi K8N Neo4 Platinum with Nforce4 ultra, and i will create an Array 
>Raid with my two Wester Digital Caviar (Mirroring). 
>The problem is the support for the Nvraid in Linux. With Dmraid i can use the 
>array created in Windows Xp with the Nv Raid Software? I will read and write 
>with no problems?
>Thank you very much
>Ps: sorry for my bad english.. 
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