ATARAID enabled live CDs?

Francesco Peeters Francesco at
Thu May 19 10:10:41 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I need to perform some magic on 2 NTFS partitions that - afaik - only
Linux can help me with. (the partitions are greater than the formatted
capacity of the data section, or - in other words - I have a 16 GB
partition, but only a 4 GB filesystem. ntfsresize should be able to fix
These partitions are on a Highpoint based ATARAID mirror-pack, and so far
I have not found any liveCD that'll work with partitions.

One option would be to break the mirror, change the master and recreate
the mirror, but, due to time limitations, I would like to prevent that
scenario if possible.

Does anybody know of a live-cd that would be able to do this?

TIA & BRgds

Francesco Peeters
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