FC5 install and device mapper issue

hicham hichamlinux at gmail.com
Wed Apr 12 13:07:36 UTC 2006

Ok , I have two sata 160 go hard disk connected to the motherboard to
sata1 and sata2 port ( don't know if that's really important to know )

I've installed windows XP sp2 on the first hard disk , 40 go ntfs
partitionned almost equally on the first sata HD, on the second one ,
I've created ntfs partitions and ext3 /boot , / , / home and swap
partitions ( I intend to install FC5 on the second hard disk )
booting FC5 graphic install, after setting the language install setup
and keyboard language,
I get this message :

"The partition table on device mapper /isw_hgbhgbbcd_volume0 was
unreadable to create new partitions, it must be initialized causing
the Loss of ALL DATA on this drive
This operation will override any previous installation choices about
which drives to ignore
would you like to initialize this drive erasing ALL DATA "

pushing  the "NO button " reboot the machine
the "Yes button" erases all the partitions in the  first hard disk !

note that I had fc4 installed and running all right on my pc

thanks for your help

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