RESOLVED: isw problems

Jeremy Moles jeremy at
Thu Nov 16 17:35:03 UTC 2006

I was posting late last week and early this week about a problem we're
having here at EmperorLinux with some new laptops. I've patched dmraid
to support the laptop in question here--is there any pace to submit
these patches? I've not got any activity or responses either on the list
or from the main developer, so I'm not sure if anyone is watching or
perhaps I'm getting labelled as spam because I'm using my work
e-mail. :)

The problem was a space in the isw_dev->volume struct member;
apparently, that was getting passed to some device-mapper function which
couldn't handle it. I added a function to replace spaces in volume names
to underscores and it worked fine. Perhaps a much better solution is an
argument to dmraid that lets you specify/format exactly what the devices
will be named as upon creation, i.e.:

	# dmraid -an -F MyName[%d]

Which would enumerate:

Renaming like this shouldn't be wholly delegated to udev, since we'll be
using initrd's for booting and won't bother puting udev on them.

Anyways.... :)

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