Intel ICH8R chipset

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On Thursday 01 March 2007 15:39, Hall, Eric R wrote:
> Or one could just mirror /boot from the first disk to the first two or
> three disks.  It'd be a pain, but you might still be able to boot...

How? The BIOS is doing the reading from those disks if it doesn't understand 
how to use the redundancy there is a problem.

I would be surprised if a "firmware" RAID system (like say a Promise FT100TX2 
or FT2300) would be any slower than using those disks on a comparable but 
non-RAID controller.

Once the OS starts it is its responsibility to maintain the metadata but it 
should still be able to get a good speed. I would say the requirement to sync 
the metadata to disk will slow it down but a pure software RAID system should 
do the same or risk array corruption.

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