Oenus Tech Services oenustech at
Mon May 5 10:38:46 UTC 2008

Hi there!

We're a small linux-only computer selling company. We're starting to 
consider using dmraid for those motherboards that come with the intel 
ich9 "fake-raid" device. We've been some motherboards with good results. 
However, dmraid does not seem to support rebuilding a degraded raid, so 
I guess that in order to take full advantage of it we will have to use 
motherboards that come with a rebuild function in its ROM utility until 
dmraid can take care of that. can anybody please recommend some? (ASUS 
and Intel would be my preferred choice since they're the ones we 
currently bundle in our computers)

I've just read in the archives Heinz Mauelshagen saying that he's 
planning to have it ready after the RHEL5.2 release. I know this must be 
a very repetitive request (and I apologize for this), but is that ETA 
confirmed? Again, I'm sorry to put this question on the table again, but 
our future line of products depend very much on this issue right now.

Thanks so much in advance


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