Invalid RAID config table checksum (Adaptec 1210SA)

Tom tom at
Wed Nov 19 22:16:22 UTC 2008

Hi Phillip,

Phillip Susi wrote:
> Tom wrote:
>> I could also update to Ubuntu 8.10, which is planned, but I've noticed 
>> that the version included in this release is still only at 1.0.0-rc14. 
>> What has happened to rc15 in Intrepid? Is there a package update 
>> planned by the maintainer?
> It didn't make it into the Intrepid release cycle in time.

I see! Well, it's apparently made it to into Jaunty, so that's good news. :)

>> I'm more interested in finding a solution to the problem, and learning 
>> more about the checksums. Is there some way I can begin investigating 
>> this issue myself? Unfortunately, I fear my aspirations shall run away 
>> with me, but any insight/starting information to fixing the problem 
>> would be welcome.
> Take a look at lib/format/ataraid/asr.h for the layout of the metadata. 
>  Hexedit it by hand and see if the rest of it appears to make sense. If 
> it is just the checksum that is wrong, then correct it.

I'll see what I can gather. Just for reference (in case it's been 
missed) the checksum I receive (0xBAF vs. 0x805) and the checksum 'ml' 
received (0xF36 vs. 0x805) are different. Presumably it's just the table 
format, and not the contained metadata that is checksum'd?

> By the way, I assume that your bios refuses to recognize the array either?

The RAID card is perfectly happy with the array. It's rather bizarre. I 
may see if I can install Windows on it when I have some time.



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