Invalid RAID config table checksum (Adaptec 1210SA)

Tom tom at
Wed Nov 19 23:14:43 UTC 2008

Hi again,

Tom wrote:
>>> I'm more interested in finding a solution to the problem, and 
>>> learning more about the checksums. Is there some way I can begin 
>>> investigating this issue myself? Unfortunately, I fear my aspirations 
>>> shall run away with me, but any insight/starting information to 
>>> fixing the problem would be welcome.
>> Take a look at lib/format/ataraid/asr.h for the layout of the 
>> metadata.  Hexedit it by hand and see if the rest of it appears to 
>> make sense. If it is just the checksum that is wrong, then correct it.
> I'll see what I can gather. Just for reference (in case it's been 
> missed) the checksum I receive (0xBAF vs. 0x805) and the checksum 'ml' 
> received (0xF36 vs. 0x805) are different. Presumably it's just the table 
> format, and not the contained metadata that is checksum'd?

I think I'm in way over my head understanding any of the asr.h or asr.c 
files. My C/C++ knowledge is extremely limited, at best.

As far as a HEX editor goes on the disk; I'm at a lost as to where to 
point it (see above.)

If there's any way in which you can describe the methods for pulling out 
some debug data to submit, I'd be grateful.

Once again, thanks.


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