[Avocado-devel] Test Plan Results for Sprint #79 (PASS)

Cleber Rosa crosa at redhat.com
Fri May 8 22:02:46 UTC 2020

Run by 'cleber' at 2020-05-08T15:05:41.148694

PASS: 'Check status of master branch': 
PASS: 'Avocado source is sound': 
PASS: 'Avocado time/resource sensitive tests': 
PASS: 'Avocado vmimage tests': 
PASS: 'Avocado source does not contain spelling errors': 
PASS: 'Check the right RPM packages are available in COPR': 
PASS: 'Avocado deployment': 
PASS: 'Install qemu-guest-agent': 
PASS: 'Avocado Test Run on RPM based installation': 
SKIP: 'Avocado Test Run on Virtual Machine': https://github.com/avocado-framework/avocado/issues/3799
SKIP: 'Avocado Test Run on Remote Machine': https://github.com/avocado-framework/avocado/issues/3799
SKIP: 'Avocado Remote Machine HTML report': https://github.com/avocado-framework/avocado/issues/3799
SKIP: 'Avocado HTML report links': https://github.com/avocado-framework/avocado/issues/3799
PASS: 'Paginator':

Cleber Rosa 
[ Sr Software Engineer - Virtualization Team - Red Hat ] 
[ Avocado Test Framework - avocado-framework.github.io ] 
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